Community Rallies Around Wife Of Dad Who Was Killed By Driver While Helping Ducklings Cross The Streets

A man tragically killed while helping a family of ducks is being honored by his Rocklin, California community.

According to ABC 7, 41-year-old Casey Rivara was at a busy intersection in Rocklin, California when he stopped his car to help a family of ducks safely cross the road.

Photo: YouTube/ABC News

Tragically, Rivara was using the crosswalk to return to his vehicle after helping the ducks when he was struck by a 17-year-old female driver and died at the scene.

According to a GoFundMe organized by Rivara’s aunt, he was driving his two kids, 11-year-old Sohpia and 6-year-old James, home from swim practice when the accident occurred. The kids were waiting for him in the parked car.

Photo: GoFundMe/Tracey Rivara

According to KCRA, other families, including children, witnessed the tragedy unfold. 12-year-old witness William said, “He got out of the car and was shooing the ducks and everyone was clapping because he was being really nice…My mom rolled down the window and said, ‘Good job, good job,’ and I said, ‘Good job’ to him too and then right after that, the second after that” the car struck him.

William said the man “flew across the intersection,” indicating the driver struck him at high speed.nWilliams mother went to the man’s car to comfort his children until further help could arrive.

According to a police press release, the teen driver hasn’t yet been arrested and an investigation is ongoing.

Photo: YouTube/ABC News

Casey’s widow, Angel Chow, took to Facebook to express her gratitude for how the community has responded to the tragedy.

She said, “We have been deeply touched by the overwhelming love and support we’ve received for Casey Rivara and our family in these past few days. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the kind messages and gestures of kindness. It’s truly humbling to hear how Casey has positively impacted your lives, and we’re extremely grateful for that.”

The GoFundMe blew past its $30,000 goal and raised over $125,000 for the Rivera family.

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