Dad Cries Tears Of Joy When He Realizes He Can Adopt His Foster Dog

Fostering rescue animals is a tough but rewarding job. It’s so important to offer these animals a temporary place between rescue and forever home – it allows more animals to be saved and is really such a critical part of the rescue process.

However, it’s also exhausting. Not only do you have to put in a lot of effort to care for each foster dog as your own, but you also have to say goodbye at some point. It can be heartbreaking.

Photo: YOuTube/We Love Animals

Doug and Michelle know the realities of fostering all too well. They foster for a rescue in Southern California, but saying goodbye to the pets is always hard. One dog, in particular, really won over Doug’s heart and he was crushed at the prospect of saying goodbye.

According to Mary’s story shared by We Love Animals, the poor dog was cared for by the Foxy and the Hounds animal rescue as a tiny puppy until she was adopted into a well-vetted home.

Photo: YOuTube/We Love Animals

Sadly, that home may have seemed great but it turned out to be neglectful. It wasn’t long before Mary wound up in the shelter system again and Foxy and the Hounds was called to rescue her once more.

Mary ended up being rescued twice and fostered three different times before a couple welcomed her into their home as a foster.

Photo: YOuTube/We Love Animals

Doug and Michelle already had dogs and didn’t think they could take on one more, but Doug really fell in love with Mary. He knew the realities of fostering her meant he’d eventually have to say goodbye, but he was determined to show her a loving home in the meantime.

However, on Christmas morning, Doug received the best surprise: Mary’s adoption paperwork!

Photo: YOuTube/We Love Animals

Michelle went out of her way to adopt Mary and she kept it a secret from Doug. She wrapped the adoption paperwork in Christmas paper and gave it to him as a sweet surprise present.

Doug was moved to tears when he realized he’d never have to say goodbye to Mary. You can watch the sweet moment and learn more about Mary’s story in the video below:

You can see more of Mary on Instagram, @marythemalinois.

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