Dad Surprises Daughters At School After 15 Months Away

Being forced apart from your parents can be heartbreaking, but it’s the reality that many kids face when their parents work for the military.

Deployments often rip families apart during the formative years of kids’ lives and parents miss out on important moments as a result.

Photo: YouTube/KMOV St. Louis

Michael Roberts is one such parent who lost a lot of time with his kids because of his job in the Air Force. During one particularly long deployment, Roberts was away from his two daughters for 15 long months – well over a year!

According to KMOV St. Louis news, Roberts decided to surprise his family after being away for so long with the help of KMOV St. Louis’ surprise squad.

Photo: YouTube/KMOV St. Louis
Photo: YouTube/KMOV St. Louis

For the first surprise, Roberts made his way into the school cafeteria where his eldest daughter would be having lunch. While she would be expecting the lunch person to serve her food, she’d be met with Dad!

The entire cafeteria erupted in applause as Roberts and his daughter reunited for the first time in over a year. The two got to enjoy lunch together before Roberts went to surprise his younger daughter.

Photo: YouTube/KMOV St. Louis

To surprise his youngest daughter, Rogers collaborated with her teacher about a lesson on heroes. The teacher announced to the class that a real-life hero would be coming into class and that’s when Rogers stepped into the room!

Needless to say, the young girl was shocked to see her dad walk into her class and she ran to embrace him a huge hug.

You can watch the emotional reunions in the video below:

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