Dad Donates Kidney To Stranger After Daughter Receives Life-Saving Transplant

A father in Wales chose to give up his kidney to a stranger after his daughter received a life-saving transplant herself.

According to BBC News, 19-year-old Seren was suffering from a serious illness where she required both kidneys to be removed.

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Seren spent 10 hours each night on dialysis until her family was finally informed that a kidney had become available for transplant.

“It’s such a huge gift. Without the kidney I wouldn’t be alive today, possibly, or I would certainly have had to continue with 10 hours of dialysis,” Seren said, per BBC News.

Photo: flickr/skeddy in NYC License: CC BY 2.0

While Seren was waiting for a transplant, her father, Afron Jones, signed up as a living donor through NHS’s Organ Donation program. He sadly wasn’t a match for Seren, but he stayed in the program and felt strongly compelled to help someone else and pass the life-saving gift along.

According to BBC News, Afron said, “After Seren got her new kidney, she was told that I could get off the living donor list and that’s when I had a very strange experience. It was as if I heard a voice telling me, ‘there is someone else who needs your kidney’ and I just felt that I had to stay on the list.”

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

The nearly 70-year-old father was matched with someone who needed a kidney and went through with the transplant in December of 2022. He wasn’t given information on who the recipient was, but he was told they were doing better and their health was improving, all thanks to his donation.

To Afron, he felt like he was paying it forward and like the donation was a lovely Christmas gift for someone.

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