Dad Uses Home Security Camera To Comfort Anxious Puppy

Dogs show affection in their own ways. As pet owners, we realize they are affectionate but sometimes, we just need to look for it a little closer.

Some dogs are also very anxious when we aren’t around. They might destroy things or act out in other ways, so we do what we can to make them feel comfortable at home.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

One of the ways in which this may be done is by installing a security system, including a Ring doorbell. These types of devices are used to monitor the home from the outside, but they can also be used in other ways.

For example, Ring also offers a line of cameras that can be used to monitor the inside of the home. This was especially helpful for a small mutt who was prone to separation anxiety.

That beautiful little dog, Bella, was owned by Scott. Scott realized that Bella had a difficult time at home by herself, so he purchased a Ring camera and had it installed.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

As shared on YouTube by Ring, this not only gave him the opportunity to see inside the home, but he also could speak to Bella and let her know that she was okay.

At one point in the video, you can see Bella running into the living room, knowing that her father is somewhere nearby. She just can’t seem to figure out where he is hiding, but then it suddenly clicks.

Bella comes running over to where she hears the voice, or at least in the area of the voice, and gets closer to the camera. Scott continues calling out to her, telling her he will be home soon.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

That is when Bella suddenly knows where Scott’s voice is coming from. She comes up to the camera, looks inside, and then has the most adorable reaction.

She begins licking the camera to give her human father plenty of doggy kisses. It’s one of those videos you must watch twice because you’ll love it every time. Check it out for yourself below:

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