A Group of Dachshunds Turn It Up at a Car Wash Like They’ve Never Been to a Better Party

Dogs can certainly color your life and make it more exciting than ever. Their caring and playful personalities make the house feel homier. Your heart will feel lighter with companions who can quickly bring out a smile in you. Also, you can bring your group of pooches out and do fun activities with them. One dog is already a great companion — so what more are eight Daschunds like?

Photo: TikTok/yunabugs

Yuna and her eight Daschunds are quite popular on social media. They already have two million followers on TikTok — there is no doubt about the charm those dachshunds have. Their mom named them: Boots, Bandit, Peanut, Plopper, Tubby, Punkin, Einstein, and Meatball. Recently, another video of them went viral due to its entertaining content. The family has a different way of having parties and having fun — they do it in a car wash.

The TikTok video began with a close-up shot of each dog while they slept on the couch. Yuna was shown attaching stickers on their foreheads — she also included Simon, their family cat. Little do those dogs know, their parent has an exciting rave party in mind. Then the video transitioned to a scene where Yuna adorned her dogs with glow sticks. After preparing them for the rave party, the dogs excitedly ran towards the weiner mobile.

@yunabugs Reply to @sanchezvrtz PARKED CAR! Don’t take this down Tiktok! 🥺 let ppl enjoy the lit hotdogs! #fyp #fy #foryou #dog #dachshund #ITriedItIPrimedIt ♬ Sandstorm – Darude

The venue of the rave party was a car wash, and each dog had its own reaction. Some were calm and observant, while others barked at the scenery outside. It was a party full of wagging tails, which is a sign the dachshunds were having the party of their lives. The background music completed the ambiance of the rave party. Who would’ve thought a car wash could be used for so much fun?

Since car wash parties for dogs are rarely done, the content caught the attention of 5.3 million viewers. It also garnered 45.5k comments and 385.1k shares. Those records are only from TikTok — Yuna and her dogs have a separate audience for each social media site. But on each platform, the video has accumulated millions of views. Yuna really did think outside the box, and her content has made millions of people happy. One TikTok user even commented, “Oh my god, you’re absolutely living the dream” — a party with sausage dogs would be an experience to remember.

Photo: TikTok/yunabugs

The family of Dachshunds and their cat sibling, Simon, has other videos online that will surely make you addicted. Shower them with hearts and supportive comments. Aside from TikTok, you can follow them on Instagram and Youtube. Have a fun party binge-watching all of their reels and videos!

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