Dogs Bask In The Sun At Dachshund-Only Daycare And People Can’t Get Enough

If you love tiny weiner dogs or dachshunds, you’re far from alone. They’re a cult-favorite breed for a reason, with their fantastic hunting skills and adorable tiny legs.

They’re so popular as a breed that a dachshund-only daycare has opened in Bath, England and people are obsessed.

Photo: TikTok/@littledachshundclub

Since January, the daycare started regularly sharing videos of its pups on TikTok where it’s known as the Little Dachshund Club (@littledachshundclub).

Their second video was so well-received it went viral almost instantly, garnering more than 680,000 views and counting.

Photo: TikTok/@littledachshundclub

In the video, you can see five different miniature dachshunds outside in the sunshine, basking away. “POV: It’s a sunny day at a Dacshund-only daycare,” the text overlay read.

The daycare captioned the post: “Dachshunds are notorious sun worshipers. Where there is sun, there is a sausage.”

Photo: TikTok/@littledachshundclub

Anyone whose familiar with dachshunds knows just how true that is!

You can see the adorable video for yourself below:

@littledachshundclub Dachshunds are notorious sun worshipers. Where there is sun, there is a sausage 🐾 #miniaturedachshund #dachshundsoftiktok #dachshundaddict #dachshunds #miniaturedachshunds #miniaturedachshundsoftiktok #dachshunddaycare #fyp #pov ♬ Three Little Birds – Bob Marley & The Wailers

While their sun-basking sure looks amazing, it’s not the only thing they do at daycare! The Little Dachshund Club has also shared a video of its dogs racing around the garden, as well as taking naps inside.

You can see the clips for yourself below:

@littledachshundclub All the good little dachshunds 🐾 #miniaturedachshund #dachshundsoftiktok #dachshundaddict #dachshunds #miniaturedachshunds #miniaturedachshundsoftiktok #dachshunddaycare #fyp ♬ Good Dog – Tall Guy Short Songs

@littledachshundclub If your Dachshund doesn’t burrow under a blanket or twitch when they sleep is it even a Dachshund? 🐾 #dachshund #dachshundsoftiktok #miniaturedachshunds #dachshundaddict #miniaturedachshundsoftiktok #dachshunddaycare #fyp #dogdaycare #pov #dogdaycaresoftiktok #dachshunds ♬ Go to Sleep (Lullaby for Pets) – Steven Current

Hopefully we’ll get to see more adorable dachshund videos coming soon!

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