Dachshund And Tortoise Face-Off In Intense Soccer Match

Have you ever seen a tortoise play soccer before?

If you haven’t, that’s because you’ve never met Jaguar the tortoise:

Photo: YouTube/Rudy Janssens

Tortoises are notorious for moving slowly which seems like it’d interfere with their ability to play soccer. However, Jaguar the tortoise is giving his species a new name.

Jaguar lives with his owner, Rudy Janssens, and Marl the dachshund in Antwerp, Belgium.

In an interview with the Good News Network, Rudy explained that he found Jaguar the tortoise wandering the forests of Belgian some 30 years ago and decided to welcome him into his family.

Photo: YouTube/Rudy Janssens

Since then, Rudy discovered Jaguar’s unique fascination with playing ball. Specifically, he likes to play soccer and he loves challenging the family dog to a match.

In an adorable video that Rudy shared on YouTube, you can see Jaguar and Marcel face-off in an intense soccer match! You might think that the tortoise would have no chance, but he does a pretty good job at keeping up with the speedy dachshund.

Photo: YouTube/Rudy Janssens

Even though he’s much smaller than the ball, he does a great job at rolling it around.

You can see the two play soccer together in the video below:

What do you think of their soccer match? Have you ever witnessed a tortoise playing soccer before? Let us know!

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