Pet Frogs Show Off Their Personalities In Adorable Photoshoot

When most people think of adorable pets, they might picture dogs and cats. Others might picture rarer pets, like rabbits, cute rodents, or even birds.

As it turns out, frogs can be quite cute as well!

A group of pet frogs show off their sweet and silly personalities in an adorable photoshoot. Their owner shared the photos on their popular Instagram, @piyo_kaeru.

While they’re certainly unique and adorable as pets, their owner says on YouTube that people should think long and hard before getting a pet frog.

She said (translated), “Frogs are very expressive and get used to people unexpectedly, but they also have many difficult aspects, such as feeding on insects, sleeping all day long and not moving, and not suitable for interacting with them.”

She added, “Like dogs and cats, if you [don’t] feed them every day, they will get sick. There are few doctors to see you when you are sick. And…frogs live much longer than you think. If you want to keep a frog from now on, please do a lot of research on frogs before adopting them.”

That’s great advice about welcoming any new pet into your family!

Be sure to check out more of the adorable photos below:

He looks so happy!

Ballerina frog is here!

Have you ever seen a frog smile?

“You can’t tell me what to do.”

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