Experts Say You Can Cut Your Energy Bill By $100s with These Easy Steps!

With the holiday celebrations over, time to think seriously again about personal and family budgets, especially since the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has made a forecast that there will be an increase in residential electric bills this year.

As published in Newsweek, EIA stated that there would be an increase of up to 15.39 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 2023, compared to 15.02 cents in 2022. According to the agency, “We forecast that wholesale electricity prices at major power trading hubs will be about 20-60 percent higher on average this winter. The highest wholesale electricity prices are likely to be in New England because of possible natural gas pipeline constraints, reduced fuel inventories for power generation, and uncertainty regarding liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments given the tight global supply conditions.”

Do we need this headache so early?

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Well, there are ways that you can cut down your electric bill by hundreds of dollars according to experts. And here are their surefire solutions:

  1. Opt for Smart Thermostats, Plugs, and Power Strips. You can save as much as 12% on heating and 15% on cooling by using Smart thermostats — amounting to almost $145 per year — according to Cisco DeVries, an energy specialist and former aide to the U.S. Secretary of Energy during the administration of Pres. Bill Clinton. Also, by using smart plugs and power strips, you can stop so-called energy vampires from increasing your energy consumption. Energy vampires are appliances and devices that continue to consume electricity while they remain plugged in even though you’ve already turned them off.
  2. Use Tankless Water Heaters. Up to 30% of your energy consumption can be saved by using a tankless water heater, according to Paul Rhoads, co-founder and vice president at This energy-saving water heater produces only hot water that’s on demand and not a large tank.
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  4. Use High-Impact Windows for Better Insulation. Make sure to keep your home tightly sealed and install high-impact windows. This way, you can keep out cold temperatures more efficiently, as advised by Devries.
  5. Make Your HVAC More Efficient and Environment-Friendly with High-tech Bi-polar Ionization [BPI] Tubes. One of the biggest energy consumers is the Heating, Ventilation, and Airconditioning (HVAC) system, but you can do an easy fix on it to gain a lot of savings by installing BPI tubes. “BPI reduces energy consumption by using less unconditioned outside air. Not having to condition outside air means the home can re-circulate purified and conditioned air, which will use significantly less power and energy and make your HVAC system more efficient. Additionally, BPI devices can lower home costs by as much as 25 percent,” Tony Abate, certified indoor environmentalist and vice president and chief technical officer at AtmosAir Solutions based in Connecticut, told Newsweek.
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  7. Choose a Low Energy Rate. You can do this if you reside in a state in which electricity service is not monopolized by a single company. Find out your options from the free market of energy services like natural gas or electricity.
  8. Keep Watch on Your Energy Usage. There are apps and devices that you can use to help check your electricity consumption regularly. You’ll learn which appliances use the most energy, what can be turned off at a particular time, etc. And they’re so convenient because the apps can be installed on your smartphone.

What’s more, you can also join a Clean Energy Program that grants financial rewards and prizes to members who support the mission.

These are great ways to start your new year and earn hundreds of dollars in savings!

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