Pet Company Releases “Cup Noodles” Cat Bed

If you love cats and you love instant ramen, you may be interested in knowing about the Cup Noodles Cat Bed.

A lot of cat owners spoil their furbabies with the cutest furniture, toys, and treats. Cats rule the house, after all.

Photo: Pexels/Cong H

One pet supply company called Happy & Polly is known for its fun and unique designs, including its adorable cat beds.

Perhaps one of the most innovative and stylish designs is a bed that looks just like a Cup Noodles instant ramen bowl!

Happy & Polly released the Cup Noodles Cat Bed for just $49.99.

According to the product listing, the bed is designed with “super soft and smooth material that’s “designed to look like ramen noodles and filled with soft polyester cotton to provide maximum comfort and warmth to your furry friend.”

The top of the noodle bed actually comes off so a cat can tuck inside the bed and then be covered. If you know cats, you know they love boxes and various places to hide. It really seems like a fun and cute design!

See the videos below:

Would you get the Cup Noodles Cat Bed for your furry friend? Let us know!

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