An Amazing Crow Finds an Innovative Way to Drink from a Water Bottle

Studies have proven that crows are smarter than people assumed they would be. The research was conducted and led by Andreas Nieder from the University of Tübingen in Germany. According to their findings, crows can remember people’s faces and solve a problem using a tool. These birds are so innovative that they can devise solutions once a problem arises. There’s a reason crows are always used as a reference to characters in movies and television shows, and it’s because they can be quite cunning and sometimes more brilliant than human beings.

Photo: Pexels/Kevin Burnell

Even in ancient literature, Aesop presented a crow in a fable as a problem solver. In the story, a crow was able to drink water from a narrow pitcher by dropping pebbles inside it. Interestingly, there’s a modern version of the fable — which happened in real life. The crow was caught on camera, and the footage was shared on social media. Instead of a narrow pitcher, the crow dealt with a water bottle.

Photo: Instagram/memecentral.teb

Its beak could not reach for a drink since the water wasn’t high enough. When it realized it was a bit challenging, the crow tipped the water bottle. A few seconds later, the crow had already thought of a solution, and it drank the dripping water from the bottle. That is how fast they can devise an effective plan. The short clip was proof that the black birds are one of the most intelligent animals.

Meme Central curated this video and shared it on their Instagram page. It was posted with the caption, “King Crow,” with an emoji wearing sunglasses. People in the comment section were amazed at the crow’s problem-solving skills. The video has already gained almost 70k views and over 3k likes. Aside from this video, there are various clips of crows being fast solution makers in the animal kingdom. These birds have given the term “bird brain” a new definition — you are as quick-witted as a crow.

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