Wild Crow Enjoys Long Walks Through the Suburbs with Her Favorite (Human) Neighbor

Kira Jane Buxton is one of those people who has some sort of special animal-friendship magic the rest of us can only dream about. No one, not even Kira, seems to know why she has this special gift, but boy, is it ever a treasure to behold!

Kira’s particular blend of magic enables her to befriend birds. She had a good crow friend who hung around with her for a full five years before it passed away in 2021. Kira thought it was a one-time thing and would never happen again, but that same year, another crow started following her around, and another beautiful friendship was born.

The current crow-friend, Sharkey, loves to follow Kira and her dog on their walks around the neighborhood. She also accompanies Kira while she sits in the backyard reading. Sharkey has even brought two of her fledglings to meet Kira on two separate occasions. Her mate also likes to stay close by, although he’s always on the perimeter, maintaining a safe distance.

Kira respects Sharkey’s wild nature and has never tried to get close to her, her fledglings, or any other bird, believing it is best for them to have a healthy fear of humans. But that hasn’t deterred Sharkey. She goes on a walk with Kira every day and joins her in the backyard whenever she’s outside.

Sharkey always seems to know Kira’s whereabouts, but on the occasions that she doesn’t show up right away, all Kira has to do is call out her name, and the crow will immediately come.

Strangely enough, other birds seem to be jealous of Sharkey’s connection with Kira. There are some Stellar’s Jays in the area that even started doing impressions of crows after they noticed the crows that hung around Kira’s home were getting special treatment. Kira feeds them peanuts.

Learn more about Kira and Sharkey’s special relationship in the video!

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