Human Works with a Family of Crows to Save Their Fledgling

We all want to help animals as much as possible, but sometimes, we may feel as if we aren’t in a position to do so. If you push beyond your comfort zone and try your hardest, however, you may just accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

One woman discovered that when her neighbor sent her a text message. It was a picture of a fledgling crow in her horse’s trough.

Photo: YouTube / Geobeats Animals

The bird was drenched to the bone, and she wanted to do what she could to help. She started to dry the feathers, and when she looked up in the trees, she noticed the family of crows was watching carefully.

Keeping the Fledgling Safe

She moved the fledgling over by a bush and put it in a safe area. She wanted to let them know that she was not going to harm the crow.

After letting them know that their baby was there, she put some peanuts and scrambled eggs out. This was something that the crow would eat, but it was interesting that the mother crow would fly down and feed the baby.

The problem was, the baby crow was not old enough to fly. She had not yet gotten her flight feathers, so every day the woman would look out the window to make sure the crow was still doing okay.

Photo: YouTube / Geobeats Animals

The family members of the crow would do crowd feeding on a regular basis, and every one of the family would take part in it. As the little crow got older, she noticed that it started to perch on top of a higher peak.

She knew that the crow was getting ready to fly and to be with his family. He had grown from the fledgling in that trough to a bird on the fence and finally, he grew enough feathers to fly.

This woman is no stranger to animals. She has 30 rescue animals on her property, and the crows are there to help alert when a coyote or a hawk is in the area.

It’s a symbiotic relationship and one that shows us just what is possible when we help out an animal.

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