Cross-Eyed Rescue Cat Goes Viral For His Cartoonish Looks

Meet Fedya, the three-year-old rescue cat that’s going viral for his unique, cartoonish appearance.

Fedya was born to a stray mama cat in Rostov, Russia but his mom ended up passing away before he was old enough to be on his own.

Thankfully, Natalia Zhdanova stepped in to help raise him and eventually took him in as her own!

Natalia found Fedya in her yard when he needed help and she nursed him back to health and adopted him.

In a post on Instagram, Natalia explained that Fedya’s mother, before she passed away, turned out to be “inexperienced” and she dragged her kittens over high fences. She suspects Fedya was dropped from a height and that’s why he was different.

Fedya didn’t develop like the other kitten in his litter. When his sister could run and play confidently, he was still struggling to move in a straight line and to master general coordination.

He didn’t quite look the same either, with his cross-eyed, squinty face. While his differences would be looked down on by some people, they’re exactly what brought the kitty some fame!

Natalia started Fedya his own Instagram account and it wasn’t long before he’d gained over 90,000 followers.

Fedya constantly looks surprised, much like a cartoon character. It’s endearing and it doesn’t seem to affect his health negatively either.

Check out the video below:

You can see more of Fedya on Instagram, @fedja_kot.

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