Heartless Criminal Throws Puppy From Moving Car While Being Chased By Police

It’s not uncommon to hear about a police car chase in Los Angeles. One that happened recently, however, took things to an entirely different level.

According to a news release from the Lost Angeles Police Department, it started at noon on a Friday in South Los Angeles, and the chase continued for some two hours. During that time, the suspect was chased through Westchester and Inglewood.

Photo: Flickr/Steven Miller License: CC BY 2.0

This wasn’t a simple and routine stop. One of the suspects in the vehicle was wanted for attempted murder, so they really wanted to catch him.

While they were chasing the vehicle, something was thrown from it, and fortunately, the police recognized what it was. It was an eight-week-old puppy in a Michael Kors bag.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that the dog emerged unharmed and was rescued by officers.

Photo: Twitter/LAPD HQ

After the dog was thrown from the vehicle, the chase continued until the suspect’s car hit another vehicle. The driver then left the vehicle, got into a second getaway car, and started again.

It continued until the driver and all of the passengers jumped from the getaway car and ran for it. Three of the suspects surrendered to the police after some time had passed.

In the end, Gustavo Alvarez, 27, was arrested for carjacking and attempted murder.

Another arrest was of 27-year-old Lynette Moreno, who was guilty of getting the second getaway vehicle ready. 25-year-old Michelle Zamudio was arrested for driving the second vehicle.

The dog is doing well and has been placed with Los Angeles Animal Services while the current investigation is taking place. The dog is not up for adoption at this time.

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