Watch The Heartfelt Yet Saddening Reunion Between a Sarus Crane and Its Rescuer

An animal showing gratitude to its rescuer can certainly amaze you — the experience is extraordinary. They can remember who has been there for them during the tough times. The bond they built in rehabilitation became a vital part of their life because it gave them hope. Separation might be heartbreaking, but rescuers must let the animal go so it can freely roam in its natural habitat. The wonderful part is, a decade may have passed, but they’d still recognize you from afar. You’ll see many proofs on the internet — showing animals running toward their favorite human for a hug. Whether it’s a lion, an elephant, or a dolphin, they’ll welcome you with the sweetest greeting.

Photo: Twitter/kailashnathsp

Mohammad Arif shared that kind of relationship with a sarus crane. Their beautiful friendship grew since Arif took the crane home to attend to its injury. The rescuer was present all throughout the bird’s recovery and the crane even grew fond of the whole family. Arif loved the crane so much, but their days together did not last long. One day, forest officials took the crane away from its rescuer because it needed to be transferred to Kanpur Zoo. Recently, Arif visited his feathered friend at his new home, and it was a heartfelt yet saddening reunion. A video was uploaded on Twitter with the caption, “Today, once again, the speechless stork chirped in agony seeing his life-giving friend Arif, but both were hopeless and could not touch each other.”

Photo: Twitter/kailashnathsp

The crane was obviously eager and happy to see Arif, but he was inside an enclosure. Sadly, the bird did not freely roam in the zoo — he could not even hug his friend. So close, yet so far, and Arif was just outside helplessly watching the crane flap its wings out of excitement. Netizens could not help but call out the situation — saying that it was cruel of the officials to separate the bird from Arif. It was supposed to be a happy reunion but unexpectedly turned into a painful scenario.

Twitter users suggested that the crane be given back to its rescuer. The happiness from the bird’s actions proved that his life was better with his humans. You’ll definitely feel your heart break into two after watching the video below. Don’t forget to retweet their story!

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