Golfers Surprised When Giant Crab Hitches A Ride On The Golf Bag

Golfing is one of those sports that is both frustrating and fun at the same time. We love doing it because it gets us out for a while but it is frustrating because, at times, we don’t always play as well as we would like.

Then again, perhaps it’s frustrating because of what we see in the video below.

Photo: Twitter/@kdbaby222

It seems as if some friends were out on a golf outing on Australia’s Christmas Island when things took a rather unusual turn. When Paul Buhner and his friends returned to their golf bags, they saw that a giant crab had climbed up onto one of them.

This isn’t just any giant crab, it is a coconut crab that is well known for stealing items. In fact, it has the nickname of a “palm thief.”

Photo: Twitter/@kdbaby222

It seems as if coconut crabs like to walk away with anything that they happen to find but they seem to like shiny items, such as what you would find on the end of a golf club.

Paul even asked the crab what it was stealing in the video and then let everyone know that they didn’t actually put the crab there. He says: “This has climbed up here while we’ve been putting out.”

Photo: Twitter/@kdbaby222

As they start to mess around with the crab and try to remove it, one of them warns the other that they could lose a finger if they aren’t careful. In the end, I think they were wise to just let the crab go.

It seems that the coconut crab got one up on them because he actually snapped one of the clubs in half. Perhaps they were wise to leave the crab alone.

He probably didn’t like that club anyway!

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