Rare Footage! Coyote Dances in Happiness as It Plays with Squeaky Toy Someone Left in a Garden

Looney Tunes’s Wile E. Coyote is not the only funny member of his species!

A woman found herself laughing when she spotted a live, young coyote playing in the garden of the hospital where she usually stays after treatment for stage 4 lung cancer.

She was so amused because the animal was playing with the squeaky toy that someone had left behind. She did not expect that a coyote would like that kind of toy, too.

Photo: Reddit Video/Squanchinthepark

Posted by Squanchinthepark on Reddit’s r/aww community, the post now has more than 130k votes with quite a number of people able to relate to OP’s joy of finding such wildlife outside the medical facility.

Also, some of the commenters who weren’t aware of the OP’s medical condition were teasing her about being as wealthy as Bruce Wayne due to the magnificent-looking lawn that seems to be part of a French chateau or a palace. But most tried to lift her spirits and enjoy her post, especially after learning about her cancer.

A Reddit user under the name, orangpelupa, wrote, “hopefully the coyote will keep coming and make /u/Squanchinthepark smile every day.”

Photo: Reddit Video/Squanchinthepark

FEDD33 also joked and tried to lift up OP’s spirit, “You should tell Alfred to lubricate the window hinges. Seriously, I hope and pray you beat your cancer OP. Thanks for sharing the video.”

A sincere message from Different_While_5270: “P.S. just teasing about the lawn. Best wishes for your recovery. 💕”

While these words from ValjeanLucPicard sounded poetic, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single coyote in possession of an area to frolic, must be in want of a squeaky toy.”

Photo: Reddit Video/Squanchinthepark

Now, here’s real poetry that SchnoodleDoodleDo composed for OP:
“that mansion…

this Mansion for humans where i like to go,
the things i discover i just never know!
they treat their pets fussy (i watch from afar…)
the things that they toss … i don’t Know what they are…
…i wait til they leave… now what’s This that i found ??
some FoRm of EnJoYmEnT they left on the ground !
approaching with caution, i first take a peek,
ATTACK then – i BITE It!
It lets out a SQEEEEEAK!!

Photo: Reddit Video/Squanchinthepark

“This must be the THING – when they say ’Getcher TOY’!
i LEA P through the Air with unparalleled JOY!!
I’ve Watched them do zoomies – i never knew why,
but I’ve got them Now – the Toy TOSSED in the SKY!
a Glorious day, like I’ve just never known,
first day in my life with a Toy of my Own :@)
a kinship with Dog frens – a class ‘High above’
we’re All quite the Same
we’re just longing
for Love

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