Coyote Discovers A Squeaky Toy Outside And Has The Time Of His Life

It’s no secret that dogs love squeaky toys – the louder, the better!

Growing up, my family had all different kinds of dogs. We had large herding dogs, small hunting dogs, and plenty of mutts from the pound. While they were all quite different, they shared one thing in common: their love of squeaky toys.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It seems that love isn’t tied solely to domesticated dogs, but to wild dogs as well!

Reddit user u/Squanchinthepark accidentally left a squeaky toy outside and it wasn’t long before the toy was discovered by a coyote.

The woman managed to film as the coyote had the time of his life playing with the toy and throwing it all around.

Photo: Reddit/u/Squanchinthepark

She uploaded the video to Reddit, writing: “Coyote found a squeaky toy I accidentally left outside. Turns out coyote love squeaky toys too.”

According to the Desert Museum, coyotes are often mistaken for small to medium-sized domesticated dogs. From a distance, they look a lot like any other dog you might find as a pet, but up close, they have a distinct look that sets them apart.

Photo: Reddit/u/Squanchinthepark

Despite their differences, it seems even coyotes enjoy a bout of leisurely play from time to time. How cute is that?

Check out the clip below:

Have you ever seen a coyote play before? Let us know!

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