Coyote Invades Home, But the Family Cat Chases It off

Wildlife is a part of our lives in many different ways. Regardless of where we live, we will have wildlife in the area, and it is something we often just learn to live with.

For many people, wildlife is confined to some gray squirrels running around in the backyard or perhaps the occasional raccoon that wanders through. For those that live in Woodland Hills near Los Angeles, it is quite different.

Photos: YouTube / KTLA 5

Those area residents have to deal with coyotes that wander through the neighborhoods and sometimes even attack little children and pets. It is a frightening situation, but sometimes it gets a little more personal than other times.

That was the case for one couple that lives in Woodland Hills because they had an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night. It was a coyote that came in through the pet door, and suddenly, this wild animal was inside their home.

They were sleeping at the time, but a surveillance video caught the entire event. You can see the coyote standing in the middle of the living room, obviously a little confused as to what to do in its new surroundings.

We can only imagine just how much commotion was going on and what the homeowners may have thought. Perhaps they even wondered if a burglar was in the house, and they weren’t far from the truth.

Photos: YouTube / KTLA 5

Fortunately, they didn’t have to worry about it for long, because they had help coming from an unexpected place. It was the family cat, who was ready to protect the home and family.

You can see the cat running back and forth on the dining room furniture. As it was darting around on the chairs, you can see the apprehension on the coyote’s face.

He came in through a little pet door at four in the morning, and it wasn’t long before the coyote was on his way out again. It was all thanks to the family cat, who saved the day and perhaps saved the family from some additional danger.

Wild coyotes are a problem in this area of the world. They are a problem, not because of their nature, but because of humans encroaching on their territory.

According to wildlife experts, urban coyote encounters occur more frequently because of human encroachment. Sometimes, it is also because of the food that people put out for coyotes, which is a very bad idea.

There are some ways to reduce the possibility of coyote encounters, including keeping your trash covered and sealed. Clean landscaping will also help, as well as keeping pets, along with their food, inside.

You can also take a lesson from this family and keep your dog door locked at night.

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