Shock Surprise When a Young Female Coyote is Discovered in the Grille of a Car

Stranger than fiction or a real-life miracle? You’re going to have to make the call. Recently, a driver in Florida pulled off of a highway into a Tallahassee Toyota dealership with an unknown hitchhiker that had unwittingly come along for the ride. It seems that when mechanics came out to greet the driver, they noticed blood smeared on the front of his vehicle. As they inspected further, they were shocked to find a terrified coyote stained with blood peering back at them through the broken slits of the car’s damaged grille, unable to dislodge itself and escape.

coyote in car grille
Photo: St. Francis Wildlife/Emily Brann

St. Francis to the Rescue

Stunned and not sure what else to do, the mechanics called on the St. Francis Wildlife Association in nearby Quincy. The association quickly dispatched a rescuer by the name of Emily Brann to the scene to see what they could do to assist with the extraction. Once Emily arrived, she enlisted the help of the mechanics to remove the front clip of the car and free the frightened animal, which was likely in shock. Emily was then able to scoop up the coyote and gently place her in a crate. They then whisked her off to Allied Veterinary Hospital for stabilization, medication, and XRAYs.

coyote in car grille
Photo: St. Francis Wildlife/Emily Brann

Tips for Driving in Wildlife Zones

Soon after, St. Francis Wildlife released this statement: “Always check your vehicle after a strike with a wild animal when safe to do so! Not only is it important to check if the animal is still alive, so we can assist right away; it also is important to check your car to see if it’s still safe to be driven.” Even more shocking, the rescue guesstimated that the coyote had been lodged into the grille for hours after being hit. Fortunately for the poor creature, it was discovered in time to save it.

coyote at animal hospital
Photo: St. Francis Wildlife/Emily Brann

Coyote Encounters

As it tuned out, the young coyote suffered fractures to her right front radius and her ulna. Luckily, St. Francis was able to book the animal in for surgery the following day with Dr. Carl Jehn at Capital Veterinary Specialists. “We cannot help these animals without our partners in the community offering a hand when we have need. We are so very grateful to everyone who helped saved this poor, terrified animal this morning,” they stated. “We will keep everyone posted on her progress!” If you have a similar encounter while driving, check for local wildlife resources near the area you’re in.

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