Gentle Cows Adopt Orphaned Boar Piglet Into Their Herd

When we look at our friends, we often notice that we have a lot in common. Perhaps we enjoy the same type of movie or maybe the same type of food. In any case, it forms the bond that ties us together.

Then again, we also realize that there are times when we may have friends and we don’t have all that much in common. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t friends, and sometimes it works out quite well for everyone involved.

Photo: flickr/Tambako The Jaguar

It seems as if that may be the case for a wild boar piglet living in Germany. I’ll be the first one to admit that it is probably difficult to live your life as a wild boar piglet. That is especially true if your entire family is gone.

According to NPR, this little wild boar piglet took things in stride, however, and decided to connect with a local cow herd. It happened in the community of Brevoerde in central Germany. Pine Mountain Club Neighborhood Watch shared a photo of the little thing with his new family and it’s too adorable:

According to the outlet, when Friedrich Stapel, the farmer, spoke about it, he said that he had spotted the piglet with the cattle just a few weeks ago. He felt as if it probably lost its group when crossing a river in the area.

Although the farmer is aware that wild boars can cause a lot of damage, he just doesn’t have the heart to chase this one away. He even informed a local hunter not to shoot the piglet, whom he named Frieda.

Photo: Twitter/@NDRnds

That kind farmer is even planning on putting the little piglet in the shed with the cows in the winter. It’s a beautiful story and one that we will be looking forward to hearing updates on in the future.

NDR Niedersachsen shared an interview with the farmer on Twitter and though it’s in German, you can appreciate how adorable the little piglet is among the cows:

How cute are they?

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