Friendly Rescue Cow Is Determined To Befriend Grumpy Horse

Cows are absolutely adorable. Their big, soulful eyes and fuzzy ears make them irresistibly cute.

A sweet rescue cow named Winston is definitely one of those cows that’s hard to resist – that is, unless you’re a horse.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Winston the cow lives on the Delmar Farm, an equine and farm animal sanctuary in Florida, along with other farm animals and plenty of horses.

His owner, Claudia, shared with We Love Animals that she rescued Winston and welcomed him onto the Delmar Farm when he was just two months old, and the horses were immediately wary of him.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

The other farm animals seemed to get on just fine with the adorable little cow, but the horses would nip at him or ignore him altogether. However, that didn’t discourage Winston in the slightest. In fact, he was determined to win their love and friendship!

One horse, in particular, was rather grumpy toward Winston. That horse, Trigger, would nip at the cow whenever he walked over and would make it clear that the cow wasn’t welcome in his space. Despite that, Winston would greet Trigger every day with a big cow smile and some kisses!

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Every morning, Winston walks by the horse stalls to say good morning to the horses, and while a few of the horses have grown to love and accept him, he’s still working on winning his way into Trigger’s heart.

You can see more about the sweet cow in the video below:

You can keep up with Winston and his rescue friends on Instagram, @delmarfarm_.

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