Precious Cow Loves Their Foster Puppies So Much That He Treats Them Like the Herd He Never Had

People have seen plenty of animal videos that have made them smile. But there are never enough videos to both make you smile and melt you. This video involves two different animals that are similarly adorable. Even though it’s a combination that you’d think is weird at first, they can still win your heart. It can be a video of a chicken and dog bonding or a goat and a llama. Animals can build friendships and do not mind if their friend is from a different species. What matters to them is that they get along and have fun during their little adventures.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Sometimes those animal duos even have a daily routine. It can be a habit that started the friendship, and it has grown on them so much that the other one’s day would be incomplete without it. For Haru the cow, it was being showered with kisses by foster dogs from his humans’ place. Puppies would flock to Haru whenever they saw him. The puppies will run to him, and the sweet cow will lower his head as a sign that he is ready to receive kisses.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“It started one day when I opened up the door, and I just can’t stop the dogs from sprinting right up over to him,” Anthony explained. According to Amber, Haru was a bit taken aback because he wasn’t used to it. Despite the surprise, Haru stayed calm and allowed the precious puppies to kiss him. “Literally the first time we let them into our backyard, these little pittie puppies saw him, jumped on his face and gave him a ton of kisses,” Amber shared.

It became their daily routine, and Haru evidently loves it as much as the puppies do. There would be times that Haru would cutely wait with his head down until he got his daily dose of love. It’s sweet to know that Haru feels loved and not alone despite not having his herd. The puppies make up for when he used to spend days isolated in his previous home. Amber even mentioned that Haru seems to consider himself a dog now because of that. He’d try what dogs would do, like running around the yard. Haru wants to belong, and he surely does — Amber and Anthony also treat him like a Saint Bernard.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Sadly, since it’s a foster home, puppies don’t stay for long, because they find a new home for them. A new batch of puppies would arrive, but sometimes it takes time before they give Haru attention. The lovable cow would look for puppies and would try to interact with them. He badly misses being flocked with exciting pooches…until a former foster returns to their yard.

“We were really happy when one of our foster puppies came back to us for a day. Haru was excited to be able to see him. It was great to see them playing, running around, acting just like two much larger puppies now,” says Amber. Since it was only for a day, Haru would miss his former herd again. Hopefully, the new puppies would warm up to him and shower him with love like before. Haru deserves all the sweetness in the world, and you can do that by following them on Instagram. Send some kisses through the comment section as you scroll through each of their posts.

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