Amazing Cow and Friends at Wellness Farm Love Mom’s Treats

“Animals mirror back to us that we have value and worth. We feel gentle when we stroke them, wanted when they approach us, and soothed when we hug them. Animals don’t judge us, and we can be authentically, uniquely us, and the animals will always accept us as we are. Animals have a way of making us feel connected to them and, in turn, connected more deeply to ourselves,” said Ellie Laks, founder of The Gentle Barn, a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary in California.

Photo: Tiktok/shelleyofourfarmacy

These statements are supported by the study, Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) with farm animals for persons with psychiatric disorders, that was published on PubMed of the National Library of Medicine. AAT may help in reducing depression and transitory anxiety, while increasing a person’s level of efficiency.

The study also cited the importance of a farmer’s participation in therapy as social support in order to encourage a person to perform more complex tasks. This way, desired effects could be attained at an earlier period.

In line with this, Aviva Vincent, PhD, LMSW, veterinary social worker, told Verywell Mind that animals can fulfill many roles for us humans, such as:

Photo: Tiktok/shelleyofourfarmacy
  • Pet: a domestic or tamed animal that’s kept for companionship and pleasure
  • Emotional support animal: this pet does not require any training to fulfill the purpose based on a mental health professional’s prescription
  • Therapy animal: any animal that’s been registered or certified by an animal-assisted intervention organization after successful training and evaluation
  • Service animal: an animal, usually a dog or a miniature horse, that’s been trained to assist an individual with a disability
Photo: Tiktok/shelleyofourfarmacy

“In addition to these roles, informally, people share that animals provide love, non-judgmental support, and a trusting partnership,” said Vincent.

But what about the animals? Do they enjoy life at a wellness farm? This viral post on Tiktok will more than answer your question. Oscar the cow and his friends at a Bear River Farmacy will surely make you laugh!

Their mom, Shelley Marshall, is fond of preparing their nutritious meals and treats. And this time, she has baked for her beloved animals their all-time favorite: powdered carrot donuts!

Photo: Tiktok/shelleyofourfarmacy

Here, you’ll see Oscar the lovable cow reaching out for the treats with his tongue, along with the sweetest thanks! Shelley’s sheep and goats like them so much, too.

But, look who among the cute farm animals have a more discriminating taste? Shelley’s potbellied pigs! But then, everyone has his own favorite food, and theirs are apples and pomegranates. As for the farm chickens, powdered donuts are a no-no, according to a local vet. Corn and worms are the best treats for these birds.

Watch the video below to make your day, and follow amazing Oscar and his friends at shelleyofourfarmacy!


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