Heroic Couple Saves Babies From Burning Nursery While On Honeymoon In Spain

Doran Smith and David Squillante planned to have a peaceful honeymoon in Spain after being married and their trip was off to a great start. However, their honeymoon quickly turned into a rescue mission when the couple stumbled upon a burning nursery full of babies!

According to NBC News, the American couple was out sightseeing when they noticed some commotion happening across the street.

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

Suddenly, Doran spotted fire. She pointed the fire out to her husband and he immediately ran across the street and into the burning building.

In an interview with NBC News, David said, “I just ran in and saw just a bunch of babies, kind of like sleeping and screaming.”

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

As it turns out, the building that had caught on fire was a nursery, and it was full of babies and toddlers.

David quickly began pulling babies from the building while other onlookers, including Doran, jumped in to help.

In the end, they ended up saving some 20 babies and toddlers before the fire grew too large. What a relief!

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

After the heroic rescue, David and Doran simply went back to sightseeing and enjoying their honeymoon. However, they made it clear that the experience won’t be one they forget anytime soon.

You can watch the full interview in the video below:

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