A Soccer Match Brought This Couple Together After a Twitter Interaction

Watching sports has always been a get-together event — friends and family gather around to show support for their chosen teams. Groups of people go to a viewing event, which is often done at homes or bars. It’s a fun experience, especially when you get to socialize with others and engage in playful banter with the fans of the opposing side. Soccer is a sport that has gathered fans from different countries. Each team has dedicated supporters that never fail to watch matches and keep up with the scores. Whether they’re watching in the field or from a live stream, they’d be screaming their lungs out for each goal or comforting themselves when things aren’t going well.

Photo: Unsplash/Melody Ruby

Since social media became accessible to everyone, you can easily get updated on soccer matches or whatever sport you like. You could also use social networking sites to express your joy or disappointment about the game. Twitter is a platform that people often go to for news and to interact with other soccer fans. The social media site has introduced people to each other who are fans of the same team. Some became online friends, while others built romantic relationships. As they expressed their sadness over a loss two years ago, Sharanya and her boyfriend found love.

Photo: Twitter/Sharanya

The soccer enthusiast is a Liverpool fan, and little did she know, her love for the team led her to something beautiful. In her Twitter post, she commemorated that lovely plot twist in her life. She wrote, “Replied to a random guy’s text on Twitter 2 years back today, right after the Liverpool vs. Man utd. match. We were 2 depressed liverpool fans back then, and now too, yet gearing up for the exact Liverpool vs. Man utd. match tonight. Happy 2 years, darling.”

Her tweet has garnered 3,453 likes and has amazed netizens with their love story. People congratulated Sharanya and her boyfriend. Others even asked if someone out there shares the same love for a particular team — hoping to get lucky as well. Your love for sports might be better than the dating app you’re using right now, and Sharanya can attest to that.

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