Couple Stops To Save Moose Trapped In A Wire Fence

A couple headed to a doctor appointment made a quick pit-stop to save a life in Canada and their efforts proved quite succesful.

According to CBC, Kirk Barharn and Angie Hillmer were driving to a post-surgery medical checkup for Kirk in Penticton, B.C., when they spotted the moose tangled in the wire fence.

Photo: Facebook/Angie Hillmer

Angie pulled out her camera and started to film as they pulled over and Kirk got out of the car to investigate closer. She shared the footage on Facebook with the caption, “It isn’t everyday that one gets to rescue a moose. Kirk is over the moon. My video isn’t focusing on the moose in the beginning as I was stunned to witness this event but it gets better!!”

Despite his healing ankle, Kirk hobbled over to the moose and used his bare hands to force the animal’s legs through the wire fence.

Photo: Facebook/Angie Hillmer

It took a few minutes and a lot of effort, but the moose was eventually freed and able to hop up and walk away. “Good girl!” Hillmer can be heard saying as the animal walks away.

According to CBC, conservation officer Brandon Beck said it’s not uncommon for moose and other animals to become trapped in fire fences while attempting to jump them, especially during the winter months.

Photo: Facebook/Angie Hillmer

While the situation with Kirk had a happy ending, Beck is urging people to always call authorities and avoid rescuing distressed wildlife without professionals.

“[Barharn] was able to get it out, but I’ve had other situations where people get injured by a moose while trying to help them,” he said.

You can see the rescue footage below:

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