Adorable Couple Fights In Their Driveway And People Are Saying They’re “Couple Goals”

Marital issues are common. They’re stressful and can lead to major problems in the relationship that can sadly result in a divorce. But what if quarreling is fun? Something that just makes a relationship even stronger?

Minor quarrels can open up a line of communication that would further solidify a relationship. As they say, communication is important in any relationship.

PHOTO: Pixabay/NoName_13

And that’s exactly what this couple does best. From their treasure trove of Instagram and Youtube videos, they show a shining example of “couple goals.”

They like to make fun of each other with harmless pranks, and they’re not afraid to express their affection and share their very fun life on the internet.

One of their videos went viral on Instagram, Youtube, and now even Reddit.

“Best problem to have,” a reposter captioned the video. And if this is the kind of problem you have with your loved one, you’re one lucky fellow.

The video was captured by Jack, who was on his way out of their house but was followed closely by his wife, Meghan. Just as Jack opened the car door, Meghan says “I love you,” but Jack then unexpectedly replies with “I like you.”

PHOTO: Youtube/Meghan & Jack

In an attempt to get the correct response, Meghan repeats herself again and again.

Jack explains, “Honey, I said I like you. Isn’t that the same thing?”

Meghan only scoffed an okay, disbelieving her husband’s audacity. She wasn’t having any of her husband’s shenanigans that day, it seems.

Before Jack can even drive off, Meghan hops up on the car’s hood and repeats her ILYs until Jack finally admits that it’s all a joke and says I love you back properly.

Meghan continues her loving attacks, and with a final “I love you too” back, she finally says okay and kisses her husband goodbye.

PHOTO: Youtube/Meghan & Jack

Their video gathered over 20M views on Youtube, and over 11M on Instagram. The reposted video on Reddit got multiple awards and over 100k upvotes.

Watch the terrifyingly adorable video below.

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