A Couple’s Anniversary Vacation Ended on the Wrong Note with a Bunch of Canceled Plans

Most couples come up with traditions and celebrations throughout their years together. Those events build up bonds and strengthen the relationship more than ever. Anniversaries are one of the most important events that need to be celebrated. It’s like congratulating themselves for staying in each other’s life no matter the circumstances. Both of you are happy that you continue to be each other’s constants, and your love is stronger than ever. For this reason, the man often plans the proposal when the relationship reaches a certain number of years. They are already sure about their partner — their anniversary is the perfect moment to ask for her hand in marriage.

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Women anticipate proposals, especially when they have been with the guy a few years. They would likely wait for it during anniversaries and holidays, primarily when a vacation trip is in the plan. It means the vacation will be extra special and the proposal will be more remarkable. Apparently, this was the plan of Gradtattoo_9009 since they’ll celebrate their fifth anniversary soon. However, in his post on Reddit, it wasn’t the outcome he had expected. The trip was planned for several months, but his plan to propose was interrupted. OP had a lot of activities he wanted to try with his girlfriend. He had planned the perfect trip, which supposedly would end with a ring on her finger.

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“5 days before the trip, Sarah dropped the ball on me that she invited 2 of her friends to meet her there. I was upset because I wanted to spend 1:1 time with Sarah for our anniversary. I feel like it was plain and clear that this was a trip for just us. Even though I expressed my concerns, Sarah insisted that her friends already made plans to come and won’t back out,” OP wrote. Instead of ruining his girlfriend’s mood, Gradtattoo_9009 respected her decision and went along with it. He also thought that he might get his girlfriend alone for a while so he could propose in private. Unfortunately, the trip became more of an all-girls trip, and OP totally felt left out the whole time.

“After 3 days of being in second place, I decided to leave the trip and head home. I told Sarah why I was leaving, and she was upset. She told her friends about my decision, and I was ganged up on. They said we were all having a great time. She thinks I’m being a jerk for making her pick between her friends and me (even though her friends weren’t invited in the first place),” he said. OP hadn’t had any issues with Sarah’s friends before, but they all felt off during the trip. They all thought he was overreacting and blamed him for ruining the trip.

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Gradtattoo_9009 thinks Sarah is rude, and Redditors agree with it. People even asked him if he was still determined to make her say yes. Others also pointed out that it might have been Sarah’s plan all along — she wanted to sabotage the proposal without saying no. “Definitely NTA, but it sounds to me like Sarah invited The Girlz along because she suspected OP was going to propose, and she was trying to avoid that,” SiroccoDream commented. It was undoubtedly fishy how Sarah immediately forgot that it was supposed to be a couple’s trip. The plan was to celebrate their anniversary, then all of a sudden, she brought backup without consulting OP first.

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Others even gave her the benefit of the doubt, but her actions were still unjustifiable. “On the other hand. Is it possible that she wanted her friends there with her to celebrate the engagement if she did find the ring beforehand? Could explain the last-minute addition of them to the trip, although wouldn’t explain her blowing off OP for the friends,” feed-me-pizza wrote. If Sarah wasn’t avoiding a proposal, she shouldn’t have neglected Gradtattoo_9009 during the trip. There are two sides to a story, but for you, did Sarah invite her friends to witness the proposal or sabotage it? Comment down your thoughts below OP’s post now!

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