Owner Puts Camera On Outdoor Cat And Records His Adorable Social Interactions Throughout The Day

Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to throughout the day?

If you’ve ever had an outdoor cat, especially, you might be curious about where they go during the day and who they interact with.

A cat owner in Hong Kong wanted to see what their cat got up to during the day, so they attached a tiny camera to his collar to follow him around.

Photo: YouTube/Peach&Cure

The cat ended up meeting a lot of feline friends throughout the day and it’s adorable to watch them interact.

Cats are often thought of as being aloof or preferring solitary, but this cat seems to have a robust and thriving social life. In the video, you can see the cat interact with a bunch of his cat friends.

Photo: YouTube/Peach&Cure

There’s a lot of “meowing” back and forth and following one another around. It’s so cute!

Getting a cat’s-eye view isn’t something most people get to experience often, and it’s neat to see. It’s even more interesting to watch the cat’s social interactions and see how many friends he has.

Photo: YouTube/Peach&Cure

One person commented, “This cat had more social interactions in a single morning than I do in a week.”

Another person agreed, saying, “This cat has a more satisfying social life than I do.”

Check out the adorable video below:

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