Dog Shopping For New Toy Gets Spooked By Halloween Décor In The Store

Halloween is right around the corner and with that comes all of the spooky decorations that stores put out. If you’ve been shopping anytime recently, you’ve probably seen a fair share of skeletons, pumpkins, and the like out on full display.

While some people might enjoy all the spooky decor that stores have to offer, it’s definitely not for everyone – including Cornflake the black lab.

Photo: TikTok/@bytheloaf

Cornflake was trying to enjoy a trip to Old Time Pottery in Naples, Florida when he was caught off-guard by Halloween decorations.

In a video filmed by his owner, the dog can be seen happily walking down the aisle and you can hear someone say, “Ready to check out?”

Cornflake sure seems ready, as he’s strutting down the aisle holding a stuffed toy in his mouth that he picked out in the pet section. However, as they come to the middle of an aisle, Cornflake freezes and haunches down.

Photo: TikTok/@bytheloaf

He quickly retraces his steps, trying to get away from the Halloween display! Part of the display included a large inflatable cat and Cornflake was not sure how to react.

Cornflake’s owner told ViralHog: “He was happy then shocked.”

Photo: TikTok/@bytheloaf

Cornflake’s owner, K.A. Fraser, shared a video of the hilarious moment on Tiktok.

Check out the hilarious clip below:

@bytheloaf Cornflake visiting Old Time Pottery. He picked out a toy and got scared by the Halloween decorations on the way to checkout. #satodog #satodogsoftiktok #satodogofpuertorico #satodogs #blacklabsoftiktok #dogs #dogsoftiktok #pets #blacklab #labsoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – K.A. Fraser

You can see more of Cornflake on TikTok, @bytheloaf.

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