Corgi Steals The Show At Chicago Music Festival

While some people might attend a music festival for the venue, artists, or party of it all, those attending the Wicker Park Fest have an alternative motive: an adorable corgi!

The corgi ended up stealing the show at the 2022 Wicker Park Fest, an annual music festival in Chicago.

The corgi’s owner was inside a building overlooking the festival and every time he held the dog up to the window, the crowd cheered.

Photo: Reddit/u/Tabenes
Photo: Reddit/u/Tabenes

Everyone got quiet when the dog was taken from the window, but when he was lifted back up, the crowd went wild.

It was adorable! TikTok user @hieronymiss shared a video of the pup from inside being lifted to the window.

Photo: TikTok/@hieronymiss

It was like the iconic moment from the Lion King when Simba is lifted above the safari!

Check out the sweet clip below:

@hieronymiss #fyp #chicago ♬ original sound – hieronymiss

Reddit user u/Tabenes shared another view of the sweet corgi from outside in the crowd.

They posted the video with the caption: “The real reason people went to Wicker Park Fest.”

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