Adorable Corgi Can’t Wait to Get Dressed Every Morning

For many of us, getting dressed is just another daily chore we have to accomplish to be a functioning member of society. Some days it’s more difficult than other days, but it’s very rarely an exciting event to look forward to, unless maybe you’re a fashion designer or you’re going somewhere extra-special.

Well, if that’s how you feel about your daily routine of getting dressed, you might be inspired to think a little bit differently after seeing this story.

Photo: Facebook/MetDaan Fitness

This adorable little corgi loves nothing more than getting dressed, no matter how many times she’s asked to do it. Every outfit is a whole new adventure!

The way she puts on her clothes is so cute it almost looks like she was drawn by an animator, and we’re totally here for it. First, her little head and big ears poke through in one quick motion, and then her feet pop out one after another. The whole thing is so smooth and seamless. She never struggles to find the arm-hole the way most of us do on the regular.

Photo: Facebook/MetDaan Fitness

Of course, after donning her outfit, this little doggo always spends a moment catching a glamorous close-up shot on the camera with those big beautiful eyes and oh-so-boopable nose. She’s pure movie star material, this one.

Photo: Facebook/MetDaan Fitness

It doesn’t even matter what she gets to wear; she’s always happy no matter what the outfit is. Although, of course, she’s perhaps a bit more excited when she gets to choose between two different outfits being held up for her. Life is always more fun when you make a game out of it.

Check out a montage of this beautiful corgi getting dressed in the video below:

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