A Pit Bull Got Invited to a Corgi’s Birthday Party Only to Be Surprised More Than the Actual Celebrant

The love of a pet parent knows no bounds, and they’d really provide the best life to their fur babies like their own child. From high-quality pet food and pet care products to the best grooming salon in town, dogs and cats are living the dream. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to express your love for your pets, as various services get released every year. Sometimes pet parents express that affection by organizing an event for their pups, and they love celebrating their life and mingling with other dedicated fur parents.

Photo: Pexels/Dominika Roseclay

Those parties could be so fun because there are a lot of dogs or cats around. The guests would be with their guardians, so chaos at the venue would be avoided. Seeing all fur babies in one place can make someone’s heart happy and warm. It would be picture-perfect and worth sharing on social media — the content would be viral in no time. One birthday party caught people’s attention online because of the event attendees. You’d wish you’d get invited to parties that celebrate the birthday of a corgi, and there are other dogs for its guests.

Photo: Reddit/imaginaryhouseofblus

A place full of corgis is a dream come true, but if you have yet to experience it, a clip from Reddit will show you. The short clip was posted by imaginaryhouseofblus and has gained 5.9k upvotes. It was a wonderland, and the corgis running along in the yard could melt you. To make the birthday party even more interesting, there was a twist in the story. Instead of a surprised celebrant, one pit bull guest with its guardian was shocked to see no other dogs at the party but corgis.

“My pit bull pup was invited to a corgi’s first birthday party. What we didn’t expect was all the guests to be corgis,” OP wrote in the caption. The pit bull might end up being left out, but the corgis were so welcoming. It did not even matter as long as everyone had fun running in the yard. Redditors expressed their love for the clip — others even wished to be invited to a party full of puppies. “All I want in my life now is to be invited to a dog birthday party. I do not have a dog. I will borrow someone’s dog to go to the dog birthday party,” ialwaysplayhealer funnily commented.

For pet parents who are thinking of a lovely birthday idea for your canines, you can use the video as an inspiration. If you have the backyard or sufficient space to throw a birthday party, better plan it now! Parties with dogs will always be fun, even when no activities are in your program. Just let the rays of sunshine be the life of the party like they usually are. Celebrate their lives and share their happiness with the other loving pet parents.

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