Cops Steps Up After Seeing A 92-Year-Old Veteran Without Heat

Life can be difficult when you’re living on your own. It is especially difficult when nobody checks in on you to make sure that everything is okay.

Nobody knows this better than Louis Hicks. Not only is he 92 years old, but he is also a World War II veteran and is living on his own with no family or friends around.

Photo: YouTube/KVUE

According to KVUE, this continued to take place for quite some time until a police officer showed up at his home. They were not showing up to do a wellness visit, he had called 911 because people were stealing tools from behind his shed.

When the Austin Police Department responded to the call, they were expecting to write out a report and be on their way. Little did they know that they would have their hearts touched by this 92-year-old veteran who needed help in ways they couldn’t imagine.

As it turns out, Louis was using a gas stove to keep his house warm. He had an old heater that had burnt a hole in his floor and he started using the gas stove at that time.

Photo: YouTube/KVUE

Officer Chastity Salazar was observant when she came to fill out the report. When she saw that he was using his stove to heat the home, she called some other police officers and got in touch with a local charity.

When she came back to his home on January 29, there were a number of other officers with her. When Louis saw that they also had a brand-new electric heater, he practically broke down.

Through tears, Louis explained that he had never had anyone do anything like that for him before. He said: “After my mother passed away and left me to take care of my two sisters … nobody never did nothing to help me.”

Photo: YouTube/KVUE

Salazar was happy to be able to assist him and she just considered it a part of her duty as a police officer. They also had another surprise in store, because officer Bino Cadenas has now been visiting him on a regular basis and is looking for some items to assist him further.

Perhaps the best part of the entire story is that Louis was able to reconnect with family members he hadn’t seen in quite some time.

You can see more in the following video:

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