Someone Called the Cops to Remove a Boy from Their Land, But the Officer Gave Him a PS5 Instead

Many people complain about children, saying that they don’t have any initiative or they are just looking for a handout. There’s a young boy just outside of Atlanta, however, who had a different plan.

Photos: YouTube / 11Alive

He was going door to door in a neighborhood in Hapeville, GA, asking if he could do yard work. He would offer to pull weeds, trim the hedges, or cut grass.

The Truth Comes Out

The reason why he was looking for work was because he wanted to save up for a PlayStation. A PS5 console is not cheap, but he had a goal and a plan.

The problem is, one of the local residents called the police department and asked them to remove him from the neighborhood. Officer Colleran of the Hapeville Police Department was dispatched.

When he caught up with the youth, he learned that he was trying to find work to purchase the gaming system. The police officer referred to the young man as ‘polite, respectful, and truthful.’

Photos: YouTube / 11Alive

It seems that they sent the right police officer out to do the job, because Colleran is also passionate about gaming. He understood the desire to have the latest games, so he hatched a plan to help the boy reach his goal.

Officer Colleran worked along with other members of the Police Department to raise money. They were able to purchase a PlayStation 5 gaming console and an online gift card.

Not only would the youth be able to play games, with the gift card, he could immediately jump online and begin playing with his friends.

Those friends now include Officer Colleran, and the two of them hope to catch up to play some online games.

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