Little Kitten Is Thrown from a Window, But a Cop Shows up with Open Arms

When most of us think about heroes, we think about first responders. Paramedics, firemen, and policemen all put themselves in line to be a hero on a daily basis.

Policemen share a special role when it comes to heroes. The work they do has been described as hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.

Quite simply, you never know what to expect when you show up for work as a cop.

Photos: YouTube / Good Morning America

Officer Timothy Rugg was on duty one day and he learned this very well. He was always around animals, but he never thought he was much of a cat person.

When he went out on a service call a few weeks ago, however, he had no idea that a little kitten would have such an impact on his life. The kitten had been thrown out of a window, and when he showed up, it was hiding from everyone.

A Bond Is Born

He admits that the kitten was ‘super scared,’ but as soon as he picked her up, she climbed onto his shoulder and started purring away. She just didn’t want to let go of her rescuer!

Officer Rugg wanted to make sure she was okay, but when he tried to put her into the kennel, she resisted. He said she had her claws out and was digging in, but as soon as she got on his shoulder, she was purring again.

Photos: YouTube / Good Morning America

That was the moment that the police officer who never wanted a cat immediately felt connected with her. After taking her to the SPCA to get checked out, he asked if he could take her home.

They told him he would have to go through a foster process, and he was willing to do it.

The little kitten has also come out of her shell. She sleeps with the police officer and his wife every night, and the little scaredy-cat is now exploring every square inch of their house.

The best news? He admits that they are a ‘foster fail’ because they are adopting her as their own.

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