Community Rallies Together To Rescue 20 Dolphins Stuck In Ice

Dolphins are some of the most amazing creatures on the face of the earth.

They have been studied because of how they communicate with each other, but it’s the beauty they offer to us that really catches our attention.

Photo: YouTube/CNBC News: The National

The residents of Heart’s Delight in Newfoundland, Canada understand how amazing dolphins are, so when they heard them crying from the sea ice, they knew they had to help.

According to CTV News, when residents arrived on the scene on March 10, they saw 20 dolphins being “beat up” along the shoreline by rocks and ice. The dolphins were crying for assistance and the community was there to help.

Photo: YouTube/CNBC News: The National

People came from throughout the community, bringing everything from ATVs to large vehicles and backhoes. Others came with ropes and tools to help get the dolphins free and all the while, they were dealing with the freezing water.

As the community chipped in to help with the situation, somebody took a video and it was shared YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/CNBC News: The National

Many were transported by truck to a nearby community. It allowed them to get in the water with no ice to stop them. They also lost two of the dolphins as they tried to rescue them.

As a reward for their hard work, they watched as the dolphins made their way back to sea, safe from the ice that had caused them so many problems.

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