Community Helps Boy Bullied For ‘Huge Buck Teeth’ To Get A New Smile

Growing up is tough, but it’s even tougher when you’re on the receiving end of bullying.

One person who knows this all too well is a young man named Evan Hill.

Evan Hill lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with his family and he experienced a lot of bullying growing up because of his teeth and his smile.

Photo: YouTube/Newshub

Sadly, kids weren’t nice to Evan simply because he had “huge buck teeth,” and they called him “rabbit boy” and made fun of him.

The bullying got so bad that Evan didn’t want to go to school or play outside with other kids.

Photo: YouTube/Newshub

According to Newshub, his family unfortunately fell on hard times and were unable to pay for his teeth to be fixed. His teeth were so large that he couldn’t fully close his mouth and the correction wasn’t going to be cheap.

Thankfully, a kind neighbor took his story to the news to try to raise donations for his dental work to get done and Kiwis around the country stepped up to donate!

Photo: YouTube/Newshub

After the community raised $100,000 for Evan, the 12-year-old underwent a 5-year-long orthodontic process to correct his buck teeth and give him a confident smile he could love.

You can watch the long-awaited moment Evan had his braces removed in the video below:

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