Community Rallies Together To Adopt Senior Pitbull Before It’s Too Late

Our hearts really go out to senior dogs. We realize that, when they end up in the shelter, they are the last to get adopted. Sometimes, they have to live out the last of their days in seclusion.

It seemed as if that was the way things were going for Lloyd.

He was brought to the SPCA in Niagara after police found him on the streets. As a 12-year-old pitbull, he certainly was living on borrowed time.

Photo: YouTube/WGRZ-TV

According to WGRZ-TV, if that wasn’t bad enough, the executive director of the shelter, Amy Lewis, said that they found a tumor they thought was cancerous. Lloyd was also in end-stage kidney failure.

Lewis went on to say: “Despite his ailments he loves life. He loves people. He’s really great with other animals and he’s become quite well-known.”

Rather than allowing Lloyd to live out his last days struggling in a shelter, they decided to fulfill a personalized bucket list that would make his senior years everything that they should be.

Photo: YouTube/WGRZ-TV

Community members have stepped up to the plate to take Lloyd from the shelter and give him what he needs so he can be the dog he needs to be.

Bucket list items have been fulfilled in the past two weeks in an incredible way. He got to be with some penguins at the aquarium in Nigeria, munch on some tacos, visit local parks, beaches, and pools, and head off to some interesting local attractions.

Lloyd was even made an honorary firefighter by the Lockport Fire Department.

Photo: YouTube/WGRZ-TV

Lewis said that Lloyd has a full calendar at least through August. She went on to say that she was “super grateful” because the community showed so much love to this dog.

Check out the video below:

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