According to Redditors, These Are the Ultimate Comfort Movies

Throughout the years, the film industry from different parts of the world has released numerous movies for people to enjoy. You can have various favorites from each genre. It can be something you relate to, something that inspires you, something that makes you laugh or cry, or something that calls you to fall in love again. The amazing thing about movies is that they touch the soul and make you feel heard. Sometimes it can even excite you or scare the life out of you. Great films can make people feel a lot of things, which becomes a part of knowing themselves even more.

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Then there are movies that can comfort you whenever you feel under the weather. It’s your go-to film — one you can watch multiple times and still feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket. Your comfort movie will be your first choice whenever you feel overwhelmed with life and heartbroken for some reason. Most people have a comfort movie and have personal reasons why they picked that particular film. On Reddit, user kyrac3 asked what other people’s comfort movies are, and many people replied to her question. The Reddit post currently has 1.0k upvotes and 2.8k comments.

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These are some of the answers from the comment section. You might find someone with the same comfort movie as yours.


A rat with a dream and conquering a fancy restaurant with the help of his human friend is undoubtedly a feel-good movie, and it’s not just for kids but also for the kids at heart. This 2007 Disney Film is somethingexnihilo’s comfort movie, and the comment was upvoted by 244 users. The story about friendship, chasing dreams, fighting the odds, and cooking can truly warm your heart. Just as kyrac3 replied to this comment, “ugh, a feel-good classic!”

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is one of the biggest sci-fi movie franchises that completed everyone’s childhood. The film brought its viewers into a different place and created a thrilling experience just by watching it. Jurassic Park can be comforting because you can escape reality for a while. And according to Time_Restaurant_9776, “I could watch it all day every day, love that movie.” It’s also a great movie to watch with a group, especially during movie nights.

10 Things I Hate About You

Everything about the 1999 film starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger is a masterpiece. Many things are comforting about 10 Things I Hate About You, especially when you can relate to its characters. It’s a forever classic and one of the most iconic romantic comedies of all time. 10 Things I Hate About You was aestowl’s answer on the AskReddit post and got 427 upvotes. Reddit users who had the same comfort movie as aestowl shared lines from Kat’s poem from the film. Indeed, if you watch it multiple times, you can recite it together with Julia Stiles.

My Neighbor Totoro

From the storyline to the artwork, Studio Ghibli really presented the world with a gift by creating My Neighbor Totoro. In times of distress, escaping is a person’s initial thought, and this movie provides that. The cuddly Totoro is an embodiment of comfort for the children in the film and for the movie viewers. Rainy days are better spent watching the animated fantasy film. This is the comfort movie for pariah164 and for the 504 people who upvoted the comment. People also replied to her answer and mentioned other Studio Ghibli movies that offer solace as well.

Home Alone

Christmas movies are undoubtedly comforting, but Home Alone is on its own level. Kevin’s exciting adventure can make you feel like you were there with him. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Home Alone. It’s best to watch it with a blanket wrapped around you or, to make it more special, build a fort, then watch it with the whole family. “Home Alone. It’s Christmas. It’s my childhood. I just love it,” Ellisonjune commented. Reddit users couldn’t help but reminisce about Home Alone since it’s a core memory that can never be replaced.

Thinking about these movies can already make you feel warm, joyful, light, and calm. Whatever season you are in in your life, your comfort movie will be there for you. You can watch it on any device these days — your comfort is already within your reach. There are still a lot of movies from the Reddit thread. You might want to join the discussion if you haven’t found yours on the thread. Perhaps some people are waiting for your answer, as they might have the same go-to movie as yours. Find your people and share the love you have for the art that makes life bearable.

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