Colorblind Dad Moved To Tears When He Sees His Children’s Eye Color For The First Time

There are many people who face disabilities, either directly or because a loved one struggles with them.

Disabilities can take on many different forms, and there are some that are practically overlooked by everyone, except any who face them directly.

Photo: YouTube/Kat

One of those issues is colorblindness. It’s not life or death, but it can affect the way that you perceive the world around you. Nobody knows this better than Opie Hughes who has never experienced color in the proper way.

Fortunately, technology has been able to stay ahead of this issue and his family bought him a pair of glasses. They gave them to him on his birthday, hoping that it would help him to overcome his red/green color blindness, known as protanopia.

Photo: YouTube/Kat

As somebody who suffers from protanopia, Hughes has never been able to distinguish between the two colors properly. If an object should happen to include one of the colors, he sees it as a muted shake.

He was given the glasses by his children, girlfriend, and sister. They are known as EnChroma glasses, and they help a person with colorblindness to see color in a regular way.

Photo: YouTube/Kat

Hughes was aware of the fact that he was going to get the glasses but he didn’t quite wrap his mind around what he would see when he put them on. After he does put them on and looks into his children’s eyes, he can’t help but cry big tears.

Watch the touching moment below:

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