10-Year-Old Boy Reacts To Seeing With Colorblind Glasses For The First Time

A 10-year-old boy recently had the opportunity to see in color for the first time and his reaction is priceless.

According to Yahoo!News Jude Elmore of Farmington, New Mexico was celebrating his 10th birthday on February 10th when he received the most amazing gift: a pair of EnChroma glasses.

Photo: Reddit/u/Raising_Danger

Allen Elmore, Jude’s dad (u/Raising_Danger), shared a video of Jude’s reaction to receiving the glasses on Reddit.

In the clip, you can see Jude going through balloons to find his present, and you can tell he’s blown away when he picks up his gift and realizes what it is.

Photo: Reddit/u/Raising_Danger

After trying the glasses on, he begins to cry and says, “Thank you so much,” as he goes in for a hug from Mom. He continues to thank his parents, and his dad says, “Happy birthday, Jude.”

In the background, his 13-year-old brother is visibly moved by the display.

Since being shared on Reddit, thousands of people flocked to the video to comment. Most were moved by the clip, but some wanted to help educate others about the realities of colorblind glasses.

Photo: Reddit/u/Raising_Danger

One user, u/QuantumModulus, explained: “Enchroma glasses don’t “fix” colorblindness, or give the color-blind the ability to see colors in the ways normal vision works. It filters certain colors in a way that gives different colors more contrast, which they might normally perceive as being too close to identify any difference.”

Based on Jude’s reaction, the difference is enough to be significant and we’re so happy for him! You can see his reaction for yourself in the video below:

My son getting his colorblind glasses for his 10th birthday.
by u/Raising_Danger in MadeMeSmile

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