Colorado Firefighters Rush To Save 155-Pound St. Bernard From Icy Water

On February 11th around 2:20 in the afternoon an emergency call came in about a dog fell through the ice on Baker Reservoir.

Adams County Fire Rescue and Westminster Fire Department immediately responded. Thankfully, the brave men and women have been trained on ice rescue and knew just what to do.

Firefighters put on their waterproof gear and headed into the icy water to rescue the 155-pound St. Bernard named Mumford. The dog’s owners made the call to 911 and anxiously watched on the shore as firefighters rescued their beloved dog.

Adams County Fire Rescue shared photos of Mumford being reunited with his family and wrote, “The Saint Bernard, named Mumford, is doing just fine, and happy to see his owners back on shore! The owners did the exact right thing by calling 911, not going out to the ice, and giving dispatchers the information as to exactly where they were located.”

Mumford was dried off with a towel and greeted his rescuers. The big fella didn’t sustain any injuries and walked home with his family.

Westminster Fire Department posted a reminder to all dog owners to keep their dogs safe by not allowing them to run free. “In the last week, our firefighters have responded to two separate calls for dogs stranded on lakes. The geese are out and dogs love to chase them, so please keep your dogs on a leash so they can’t get themselves into trouble. If your dog happens to make it onto frozen water, DO NOT go onto the ice yourself! Call 911 and keep your eyes on the dog from the shore so you can point us in the right direction when we get there!”

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