High School Football Player With Limb Difference Shows Perseverance On & Off The Field

When 16-year-old Colin Moore is out on the football field, he is putting his heart in the game and looks just like any other teenage athlete out there.

But what makes him different than the rest, is that he’s playing without part of his arm.

Moore was born without the lower portion of his right arm, but he’s never let that stop him from achieving anything he’s put his mind to in his life, including football.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

“I’ve always had to have a mind of steel, heart of gold, and just move forward no matter what,” Moore told ABC 7 News.

Although his limb difference has never got in the way of anything, it’s definitely been a challenge for him. But in everything he does, he’s worked double and triple as hard as everyone else to make sure he would succeed.

Moore’s goal is to be a starting center, which requires a lot of body strength. Even though he is missing an arm, he makes up for it with his fast movements and strength, making him the perfect choice for this position.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Moore looks up to the Philadelphia Eagle’s center Jason Kelce, and aspires to be just like him one day.

Moore’s hard work even got him noticed by his hero. After seeing a video of Moore playing football, Kelce sent him one back.

Kelce told Moore that he’s an inspiration to him and “the epitome of perseverance.” He even invited Moore to join him and the Eagles at their training camp so they could meet him.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Moore’s coach agrees with Kelce and can attest to Moore’s perseverance.

“The thing I can say about Colin is this: he was born with a challenging situation, life kind of threw him a curveball, but every day he knocks that curveball out of the park,” Coach Frank Holmes said. “His attitude, intense focus, he is positive self-taught, he is just complete intensity in everything he does.”

Hear more of Moore’s inspiring story in the video below:

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