Cockatoo Throws A Massive Tantrum Over An Apple

Owning a pet is a big commitment. From providing our pets with food and exercise to ensuring their health and well-being, it takes a lot of time, resources, and attention to care for a companion animal.

Naturally, some pets are much bigger commitments than others. Some species of tortoises and birds can live as long as if not longer than their human owners. In other words, some pets can truly be a lifelong commitment, including the Moluccan Cockatoo which can like up to 70 years in captivity.

Photo: YouTube/Max the Moluccan

Beyond their lifespan, they can also be quite sassy, as we see well with Max the Moluccan Cockatoo.

His owner, Nicole, regularly shares videos of Max on YouTube where she describes him as a “cockatoo with an attitude.”

One video highlights that attitude perfectly when Max throws a massive tantrum over an apple!

Photo: YouTube/Max the Moluccan

“What started as a conversation about an apple turned into a tantrum,” the video’s description reads.

It carries on from the perspective of Max saying:

“In so many ways I’m just like a toddler with really big feelings. Although I threw a wobbler over an apple, when my momager finally offered one to me I was no longer interested. I forgot to remember that I wanted a snack. Clearly I was overtired – as you can see with the surprise ending.”

Photo: YouTube/Max the Moluccan

Max’s owners continued writing for the bird: “I get upset quickly and I calm down just as easily. My momager knows to give me the space I need to vent my big feelings. She stays calm and waits it out. She also keeps her hands away when I am upset – during a tantrum I’m not always rational about my actions. Tantrums don’t last long when you feel safe and secure. My hooman understands that it’s just part of me being a bird – I can be very loud, but it’s my way to express myself.”

You can watch the hilarious tantrum for yourself below:

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