This Cockatoo’s Favorite Thing Is Strolling Around Home Depot

One of the perks of being a pet parent is that you eventually earn a buddy — someone you can do things together with. Although it may not seem like it at first, your pet will eventually warm up to you, especially if they feel your genuine care. You’ll find yourself eating breakfast with them, jogging at the park, or going on road trips. The two of you will grow fonder of each other until you find one activity that excites you both. As for Beau the cockatoo, he loves spending time with his dad at Home Depot.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Who wouldn’t love Home Depot, right? Beau enjoys the stroll while looking at various home improvement materials. He and his dad go to malls and restaurants, but Home Depot in particular caught his interest. It’s nice how Brian can take the cockatoo anywhere. Beau even accompanies Brian while skateboarding. It’s one of their favorite activities that they love to do together. They just match each other’s energy, and it’s lovely how life led them to one another.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“Growing up, I’ve always wanted a bird. I was looking on the internet, and I found a cockatoo was turned in by his family,” Brian shared. “From the first time I saw him, and he saw me, he was instantly drawn to me. It was one of those feelings that you get where the animal picks you.” Beau must have felt that Brian could provide him a life full of love and adventures. He might have sensed how Brian is the perfect human for him — that he was finally going to his one true home.

Brian also shared that Beau is extremely attached to him. The cockatoo screams when Brian isn’t near him. It is heartwarming to know that someone is waiting for you and is happy to be your companion. The two certainly built a bond that made them inseparable. During their times together, Brian was able to teach Beau tricks and some sentences. He wants to be involved in anything Brian does — which introduced him to the fun of car rides.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“He goes everywhere with me. To the mall, to the restaurant, and to Home Depot, which is one of his favorite places. He’ll just get so excited,” Brian explained. “He has to be on the cart, and he runs around the cart, and he sits on the front.”

Beau’s love for Home Depot is evident when he randomly says, “I love this,” every time they shop there. Maybe he should be Home Depot’s ambassador — he’ll surely get customers lined up at the store’s entrance.

Since Beau is his daily companion, Brian doesn’t consider him a pet anymore but part of his family. “Beau changed my life because he’s fulfilling something that I didn’t know I needed,” the cockatoo dad lovingly said. Any bird enthusiast would be thrilled to have a Beau in their life. He would make you feel less alone and ensure that you have a buddy to go do things with. You can see more of his life on Instagram. But be careful – you may be tempted to adopt your own pet buddy and find yourself looking for one.

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