Cobbler Has an Amazing Relationship with the Polite Flock of Birds He Feeds Every Day

When you scroll through social media, you can find photos and videos that are absolutely breathtaking. You may wonder if they were taken from a film scene or edited using advanced software. Anything is possible with digital editing now, but natural scenarios caught on camera are undeniably much more majestic. With how rare it is, the moment becomes even more special.

Photo: Instagram/md.ummarhussain

Many of those photos and videos involve animals or their interactions with humans. Nature just continues to surprise people and becomes the most viral content on social media. Animals are so naturally incredible that even a video of a cobbler feeding a flock of birds became a viral video on Instagram. It wasn’t the typical throwing of bread or bird feed on the ground — and the scenario seems like it happened multiple times.

In the video, the cobbler was seen preparing a bag of bird feed while the birds waited for him. Instead of simultaneously approaching the bag of bird feed, the flock was all willing to wait. They did not even attack the cobbler once he placed the bag of bird feed on the ground. It was like the birds were trained to wait for the cobbler’s signal. After the man prepared their food, that’s when the birds started to grab their share in the most organized way. The scene was so impressive that it earned 2.5 million views.

The Instagram reel was uploaded by Md Ummar Hussain, and he received 153k likes and 600 comments. All of the people in the comment section flooded the post with heart emojis and praises for the kind-hearted cobbler. He must have been friends with the birds for a long time, and he was able to build a connection with the flock. The birds were even patiently waiting near his shop and did not even approach the cobbler to take a bite. Maybe it was already a daily routine for them and they all know the drill for every feeding session. So cool!

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